The connoisseurs of Gurgaon

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The connoisseurs of Gurgaon seems to be happy now that they have a range of restaurants to choose from. The restaurants here in terms of cuisine and atmosphere that makes it very nice place to diversify the connoisseur. Some of the most famous restaurants in the region of Gurgaon described in this article.

• Ming China: Chinese restaurant features a fixed bar. The restaurant is located in HUB Mall in Gurgaon express highway in the region. The main Chinese and Thai courses. A free home delivery available for orders of less than Rs.500 and 2 km away. Average score above provided for both food and ambiance of the restaurant by customer reviews available.

• Sweet Europe: The restaurant serves authentic Bengali food. The restaurant is located in Gokuldham Shopping Centre in Gurgaon and is good for Bengali sweets and Namkeen known.

• Lion of the Punjab: This is one of the most famous restaurants in Gurgaon, served the North Indian and Punjabi food. The famous Dhaba Restaurant located in the satellite garden, there are two stages in the Film City Road located in Gurgaon. Free home delivery for orders of at least Rs.500 available. Home delivery service is confined to the Sai Baba Nagar, Mantra Park, Film City and Gokuldham available.

This is the famous house in Gurgaon paratha: • Jara Hat Ke. The restaurant is located in Aba road Yashodham Karmakar away in shopping malls. North Indian cuisine for the gourmet available. The price is reasonable and affordable food for ordinary people. East East Gurgaon and resulting cases, provide selected areas.

• kebab Kitchen: The restaurant is regularly described as simple and irresistible. The location of the restaurant in Gurgaon Yashodham Shopping Centre. North Indian flavor comes in a traditional way. The free service home delivery only available for orders of at least Rs.100 available. Guests tend to be higher than the average for rating taste and presentation of food and a good rating is given to the atmosphere.

• Metro: This is one of the largest fast-food restaurants in Gurgaon. Some Subway stores Subway is very famous in Gurgaon. Most of the planned Subway restaurants, various flavors of the sandwiches available.

• Little Italy: Italian restaurant offers a fine dining experience for its customers. The restaurant has two locations in Gurgaon, Mumbai. One of them is in the Palm Spring, Link Road area situations arise, and the other the Charni Road in Mumbai. The food price is quite high. Free delivery for orders home at least Rs.1000 available. Most of the Italian style of Mexico.

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