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Posted by Dodi On Thursday, March 17, 2011 1 comments
Nirula past month have experimented with special items on the menu. While it may be a sacrilege for someone like Nirula fiddling around with their regular menu, the chain of food grown by offering special Delhi in the form of food festivals recently.
On the heels of his special Thali is a lip smacking kebab with Nirula Lucknawi Mela heating things.
With the continuous efforts to innovate Nirula The kebab-e-licious a great mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian kebabs, authentic and delicious place in India known for kebabs.
The festival gets some of the best teams in the region, including Lucknow Galouti kebab, kebab Banno Murg, Seekh Ki Lagan, Paneer Tikka Dahi ke kebab and Saunfiyana, but also a little more.
One of the best items on the menu movement Nirula Thalis has his signature and it is this whole concept is based on the special menus. All articles Makhni Dal kebabs, naan, salad and a bottle of your favorite drink to help you wash soft foods associated.
Neither the sumptuous vegetarian choice of four start at less than Rs. 190 and includes a full range of preparations to choose from. The mix of old recipes and modern makeover as "kebab-e-licious is" all about.
While traditional Chicken Tikka Murg tikka kebab Banno renewal tray covered with eggs, it tastes like lamb kebabs Galouti smoked meat and serve immediately from the hot iron.
The bags are classic Mugha tikka prepared from the curds, and cheese Seekh Ki Lagan and the other two options. Seekh Kebabs very traditional dipped in butter sauce with peppers cooked to perfection and complemented by far the best thing on the menu.
Normally, one does not need Kebabs vegetarianism but the option to choose between meat and meat products, is in India. On this occasion, even at high vegetarian selection wins, the Super kebab dish Dahi ke fine contest hands down.
Vegetarian dishes - Dahi Kebab, Paneer Tikka and Tandoori Aloo Saunfiyana Chatpat Dish - are priced between Rs. 190 and Rs. 145 (approximately).
Top things to the usual suspects, such as Hot Chocolate Fudge or one of the 21 flavors of ice cream, plus' Gajar ka Halwa "limited edition.
Nirula food is as expected excellent value for money and fair price. This is all good news menu kebab-e-licious worth a try twice, but sad that you only have 10 days time to participate in this trip have hedonist!

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