Top Restaurants in Glendale, AZ

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Touch of European Café
The Polish restaurant on North 57th Drive, Touch of European Café, is the top rated Glendale restaurant according to This eatery was established in 2003 by chef Waldemar Okula and his wife Malgorzata, or Margaret. Waldemar manages the food, service and menu while Margaret greets the customers and keeps service top notch. The food is made with a love for polish cuisine that is evident in every bite. To prove this point, test out the goulash, loin of pork or the homemade kielbasa. Other unforgettable dishes include the bigos, or hunter stew, pierogis, smoked kielbasa sandwich, stuffed cabbage and the fresh mozzarella sandwich. Touch of European Café even serves up 'shots' of their homemade soups to help you decide if you are ready for a full bowl.

Siam Thai Cuisine
Finally Glendale has a Thai restaurant that is serving up authentic Thai fare! Siam Thai Cuisine on West Northern Avenue is tucked in a non-descript strip mall but quickly this will make your top ten list of restaurants in the entire Phoenix area. Begin the meal with the delectable papaya salad or one of the Thai soups that are sure to hit the spot: spicy basil, lemongrass, cashew nut or spicy noodle. Then make sure at least one person at your table orders the house specialty, the duck pineapple curry. It is the best dish at Siam Thai with the perfect amount of coconut, scalding pineapple chunks and well-rendered duck. Finish the meal with the coconut ice cream with stick rice, also known as a snowball with purple rain, which is a fantastic dessert that seamlessly blends hot and cold.

Pullano's Pizza
People flat out love Glendale's Pullano's Pizza. This is the top rated Glendale pizzeria according to Pullano's first opened in Phoenix by Mike and Bonnie Pullano in 1979. By 1987, they moved to their Glendale location and the rest is history. Since then, they have been serving up a vast menu of Italian goodness but it is the pizza that has customers returning again and again. This neighborhood mom and pop joint is half pool hall and bar and half sit down pizza restaurant. It serves up good food, is family run and has an atmosphere that is one of a kind. When ordering, start with the pepperoni bites or the wings and then move on to the memorable pear salad and the enormous mama's meatball sub that is oozing with cheese and sauce. The pizza is the floppy and greasy kind where toppings are sliding around but you cannot seem to get enough, especially when you get down to the crust. This is the type of place where you want to steal the crust and are surprised when anyone doesn't want to eat his or hers.

Lenny's Burger Shop
Lenny's Burger Shop is a favorite Friday night burger joint for many in Glendale. Located on North 59th Avenue, Lenny's opened in 1984 as a burger joint that served up only 10 items of burgers, fries and drinks. The concept quickly took off and Lenny's has since spread to over 20 locations. The menu at this popular Glendale restaurant has menu grown slightly over the years but it still pays attention to the details that matter: the meats are always fresh, the produce ripe and in season, the breads soft and the sauces are made by hand. It is no wonder that Lenny's often graces the top of lists that include 'Best Burger', "Best Shakes" and "Best Fries". The toppings list is impressive with everything from avocado, bacon, green chiles, mushrooms and numerous cheeses making the list. Build your own burger, get a pile of fries and order a cinnamon shake for the perfect meal. Don't forget the fry sauce!

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