Best Latin Restaurants in New York

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New York is full of restaurants and successful Latino culture. As you can imagine it was not an easy task to put together a list of those who eat, Latino restaurants. Limit some of the guidelines. Each restaurant was nominated by a panel of local people. Restaurants were evaluated on the basis of the quality of authenticity, power and access for all, regardless of budget. After much work, it is a pleasure to introduce this amazing list. A swallowing and drinking, THAT is a great World !

Flor de Mayo
484 Amsterdam Avenue (Upper West Side)
(212) 787-3388

This is a little divey favorite of the few remaining restaurants Chino Latino in New York. The kitchen brand interest began when he fled from the Chinese who migrated to countries like Peru and conditions of Cuba in South America and arrived in New York. History aside, the restaurant Pollo a la Brasa, a Peruvian rotisserie chicken, one by one with a Latin area. Neither the delicious taste full of birds returning from a distance. Be sure to try a glass of red sangria.

El Parador Cafe
325 East 34 St # 1 (Midtown East)
(212) 679-6812

Originally opened in 1959, serves Mexican restaurant the sleeper of some of the best in contemporary Mexico is in New York. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, including hand shredded beef stew, mole pablano, paella and enchiladas or quesadillas less adventurous and enjoy strong, but tasty margaritas at El Parador.

Victor Cafe in
236 West St 52 # 1 (Midtown)
(212) 586-7714

Another oldie but goodie, Victor Cafe Cuban food served New Yorkers since 1963. This favorite of the theater district to maintain a lively atmosphere with live music, without falling into the trap of the sauce is more restaurants in the area where the food quality to sacrifice the atmosphere. Are delicious roasted pig, Old Rope, pigs fed with strong roasted orange, olive oil, garlic and herbs, and red snapper in Florida. If you drink, you can not go wrong with your mojito.

Pio Pio
Various locations, visit
(212) 665-3000

You may think it strange to two restaurants specializing in grilled chicken in the record list. However, Pio Pio submit grilled bird a little unique signature away. Lovers take their places for the cool, moist chicken is marinated in a blend of cumin, garlic and beer Vaan Peru is presented in green sauce made of hot addiction cilantro, lime and huacatay, peppermint Andean . Remember that the cocktail of pisco.

400 East 57th Street (Midtown East)
(212) 754-5999

This restaurant in Puerto Rico would almost be mistaken for a nightclub. When you first walk that probably started the fashion bar and the pulse of hip-hop before presenting the tables. But do not misunderstand, the sauce serves authentic cuisine, like much of a statement. Much of the pylon mofongo, whole red snapper with coconut fried rice, empanadas, and seafood casserole, a seafood stew, hold dinners even matter if you think too much. If you are still concerned about the volume, so the pina colada is difficult for anyone not a good time.

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