Big Mac ® in the Bank of calories

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If you have a Big Mac ® in the Bank of calories, how does this affect the rest of your daily caloric intake? Suppose that all the requirements, weight and age, 2000 calories per day. This is what they affect:

The total food intake Big Mac ® with a large Coke and a small ice cream calories to your bank:

Fees as% of daily requirement of calories in Food 2000

1380-2000 calories = 69%
≤ 29 g fat 65 g = 45%
Cholesterol ≤ 175 mg 300 g = 58%
≤ 1.570 mg sodium 2.400 = 65%
Fiber 11 g 25 g 44%
185 g carbohydrates, 300 g = 62%
Protein 50 g 33 g = 66%

While some foods are very healthy McDonald ® human relationships not calorie intake / calorie foods for human consumption. Some examples of these values ​​as follows:

40 calories per gram of protein intake if you are trying to lose weight, then only 10 to 15 calories per gram of protein
Carbohydrate About 6.5 calories per gram
Fiber 80 calories per gram
≤ 1 mg of sodium per calorie
About 6.5 mg of cholesterol per calorie
Fat: ≤ 31 calories per gram

The values ​​represent the total daily food intake. If you think your caloric intake as an empty bank every morning, if he can help you take only what you need for a clear vision of what your body needs to return. A Body Mass Index (BMI), a simple analysis, together with bio-impedance to the information you can about your body what it needs to know the nutrition and calories for the day. It is important to know the figures, since they vary from person to person depending on age, weight, size and activity.

A baby boomer born and the last in the world of fast-food boom in history. Back then we were thinking about how the effects of the abuse of calories in our daily diet, according to the type. Good nutrition is serious. The children of this generation is not expected to outlive their parents. This is mainly due to poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and obesity. The current government several measures to regulate the activities of our citizens and citizens. No doubt their effectiveness. The eating habits for life is changed slightly. We can all make us the right diet and exercise information on the Internet on blogs and websites in this article ....

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