Archie's Pub and Eatery

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I stopped in for lunch at Archie's Pub and Eatery, which is located in East De Pere. Right where you walk in, you see a large store front window and once you get inside you notice a very large, long bar with added tables. The lighting is very dim for there are no light fixtures on the tables or above in the ceilings. Straight across the top of the bar are some flat screen TVs and situated throughout the building are many different game machines and a variety of bar insignias hanging on the walls. The most different and interesting focal point in the bar are their ceiling tiles. They display a collage of various pictures and items hanging, with no apparent theme.

There was no music playing, just the TVs tuned on to the various sport channels. The server was friendly and brought me a menu and asked me if I would like a beverage. After bringing me my soda she then told me of the specials for lunch that day. Archie's menu has a variety of pizzas, soups, salads, burgers, wraps and Panini's. I decided to try one of their specialty items called Bag of Fish and Chips for $8.95. It is described as a half-pound of lightly breaded cod fillets with fries stuffed into a brown bag that you simply rip open. No plate comes with this meal, and don't bother asking (even if you ask nice). Well, it sounded like a unique fun idea but unfortunately the description sounds better than the meal tasted.

I was brought a medium sized brown paper bag folded together on top and it was placed flat on my table. I was offered malt vinegar. There were also condiments of ketchup, mustard and extra napkins on the table. As I ripped open the bag it contained 3 to 4 pre frozen breaded deep fried fish fillets with a large amount of medium sized crinkled cut fries and 2 small plastic containers of tartar sauce. The fries towards the front of the bag were crispy and the fillets were just what a frozen fish fillet tasted like: inferior. Also be careful, for they staple the bag, I found one of the staples from the bag in my food but could not find the second one. And as I ate, the fries towards the bottom of the bag were soggy. I noticed Archie's offers dollar burgers on Tuesdays and have a huge variety of beers.

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