Ramos House Cafe on California

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Housed in a historic building in the oldest neighborhood in California, Ramos House Cafe is a hidden gem of culinary perfection in authentic rustic setting. The story begins Ramos House Café in 1794, as the street of Los Rios was built to support the Mission San Juan Capistrano near. The community of Los Rios began to be used, with about 40 adobe structures to house soldiers in 1881, built the Casa Ramos. Los Rios Street was originally the main street of the Spanish from Dana Point Harbor for the mission. Today, only 600 meters from the original track as well as some historic homes. Most houses are now shops, boutiques and quaint cafes.

The Ramos House board and sable side courtyard house, where customers can be served. Expansive purple provides a fresh hot summer day. Red brick road extends from the street scene, where at various levels, corrugated iron roof with metal earrings and channels protection on rainy days. Corrugated steel planters hanging over the rustic wooden walls where the old farm house look. Blankets are very sharp turn in all the seats available in the morning along with some outdoor heaters available. As if not enough authentic country atmosphere, the Ramos House Café on the other side of the railway tracks located immediately behind the San Juan Capistrano Amtrak station. Or so it stops every half hour, where Amtrak trains a few meters from the dining terrace, which have found fun and not disadvantaged. The whole experience was something to remind the world that is in southern Whistle Stop Cafe, or what Knott tried to stop, when the construction of the amusement park Knotts Berry Farm and find restaurant. It is a journey into the past.

The Ramos House offers contemporary art to influence the American Mediterranean. We liked the smoked salmon smoked salmon with herb sauce and toast points Crab hash with scrambled eggs and sour cream Remoulade. The main parts, full flavor and nice presentation. The fresco issues a perfect complement to the Salmon Lox. Crab Hash provided a good portion of shrimp, fish that will satisfy any connoisseur. Should all the characteristic signature restaurant on the other person. Ramos Coffee House, which is the Soju Bloody Mary. Adorned with fresh sprouts, pickled beans and crab claw his will Soju Bloody Mary you will return. That is a signatory to the cold hand shake, went well, back to ... we plan to test our next visit. The house itself is still operating, as it was in the years after 1800 - the owner lives wines are kept in the basement, the kitchen is where all meals are prepared and fresh herbs from the garden. They are open every day except Monday for breakfast and lunch. Saturday and Sunday brunch menu. Comfortable clothing, business casual is and is not necessary to reserve for groups of 12.

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