Naples Florida Restaurants: The Top 5

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There are many great restaurants and broad range of cuisines and price ranges offered in Naples, Florida. The top five restaurants are the Bamboo Cafe, Brio Tuscan, Chops City Grill, Naples Tomato and Truluck's. Below are the reasons we feel these restaurants are the tops.

Bamboo Cafe
If you are looking for warmth and charm with a mixture of chic and old world style in an eatery, then Bamboo Cafe is so for you. The subdued relaxing atmosphere is alit with candles as the piano music plays softly in the background. The friendly service will assist in the choices of appetizers, delicious seasoned seafood dishes and delectable desserts.

Brio Tuscan
Located at the Waterside Shops on Tamiami Trail the Brio Tuscan Grille may seem like a regular mall dining spot on the outside, but on the inside you are in for a very pleasant surprise. Their menu will keep you choosing from the large number of appetizers and entrees, because it all looks so good. Their platters will more than satisfy, so be sure to show up good and hungry. Whether you choose the Roasted Garlic, Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Parmesan Flatbread or the Shrimp Risotto you will be more than satisfied. They offer a menu with an Italian seafood flair. You may even try a dish and declare it to be the best you ever had, as many others will attest to. Enjoy their brunch on weekend mornings. Happy hour at The Bar, either on the indoor or outdoor patio, will have you enjoying cocktails and food deals that are very affordable.

Chops City Grill

You can enjoy a fantastic meal at the spacious and elegant Chops City Grill. While you receive wonderful service, you can enjoy appetizers, entrees and dessert along with a nice glass of wine. This is the place where family and friends can meet and linger, because it's relaxing and fun. They offer nice discounts on "early dining specials" so if you are budget-minded, arrive early and enjoy the friendly atmosphere that will have you coming back time and time, again.

Naples Tomato
Without a doubt, the Naples Tomato is one of the best restaurants in Naples. If you are a wine connoisseur you will enjoy having your own personal wine sommelier that will help you to choose from a large selection of the best wines. There is even a wine tasting bar where you can select from several self-serve wine dispensers, if you wish to try different tastes. All you have to do is purchase a wine card and have fun selecting and tasting your favorite wines. You can choose how much you'd like to spend, and start sipping. If Mediterranean style food is your favorite, then you are in for a treat.

The upscale exceptional Truluck's is located in downtown Naples. Even though this is part of a small restaurant chain, you wouldn't know it. Truluck's has locations in Florida, California and Texas. Start the meal by choosing a glass of wine from their extensive wine list. They have a private fishing fleet in the Gulf of Mexico where they catch their own fresh seafood to offer on the menu. They offer seafood that is current with the seasons. And the desserts are out of this world delicious.

Forum Homini: The Finest In Luxury Accommodation In Johannesburg

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Forum Homini includes muted opulence with cosmetic appeal to generate lovely development that also increases the natural charm encircling it. These traits and much more make this establishment a must-see when considering accommodation in Johannesburg.

The aspiration or vision of Forum Homini would be to make the remarkable report of the evolution of man readily available, and enjoyable. This is a result of the fact that they're uniquely placed in the Cradle of Humankind - a powerful heritage site that brings people from all round to be a part of its full history.

Forum Homini is a magnificent boutique hotel that features a 5 Star restaurant called Roots - an absolute grounds in making this hotel a number one concern to discover in terms of accommodation in Johannesburg. Roots has been a part of the Eat Out Top Ten Restaurants in South Africa for four years running. Forum Homini can be found on the Letamo Game Reserve which is a privately owned residential property.

The whole estate contains approximately 60 hectares. Letamo Game Reserve is an exclusive location in Gauteng and may include few habitats including Savannah, Bushveld, Acacia Forest, Natural Wetlands, Koppies, Riverine habitat, Rocky outcrops and Dams. This permits a number of wild animals that roam openly in the area such as Kudu, hippo, Waterbuck, Gemsbok, Black Wildebeest, Blesbuck, Duiker, Eland, Impala, Red Hartebeest, Springbuck, Zebra, Ostrich, Jackal, Caracal, Honeybadger, Cape Fox, Genets, Aardwolf, Bushbaby, Porcupine, Tortoises, Mongooses and more. Bird life's ample and includes species such as Owls, Hawks, Eagles, Fish Eagle, Geese, Kingfishers, Bee Eaters among other things. Over One hundred sixty species have been discovered on Letamo Game Farm.

To combine together with the natural landscape and enhance the surroundings was a primary main concern of this hotel and also what makes it a genuinely unique site in relation to accommodation in Johannesburg. The landscapers utilized close paths and used a great deal of endemic plants (140 species to be exact) that normally occur in the area to create a unique effect.

The Marais family are the homeowners and directors of Forum Homini. They have mixed their adoration for business, art and cookery pursuits as their particular inspiration behind this enjoyable development. With their substantial connection with being the owner of and taking care of companies in retail, wholesale and manufacturing, they're well-placed to flourish their comprehension to travel and food.

Kudos and Accolades consist of:

o Eat Out Top 10 Eatery in South Africa regarding 2008, 2009 & 2010
o Top 10 deluxe restaurant for Dine 2008 & 2009
o Loerie award 2006 -in the three dimensional architectural section
o Portfolio collection 2006/2007/2008/2009 - Country places o 5 star grading 2006/2007/2008 Tourism Grading Accommodation
o Food & Beverage - platinum grading 2006/2007 Tourism Grading o Le Blazon de la Chaine des Rotisseurs
o American Express platinum fine dining award 2007,2008, 2009 & 2010 ROCCI fine dining restaurant 2011

As you have seen increasingly more than enough excellent reasons to make Forum Homini Boutique Hotel a number one on your variety of must see holidaymaker destinations regarding holiday accommodation in Johannesburg.

The connoisseurs of Gurgaon

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The connoisseurs of Gurgaon seems to be happy now that they have a range of restaurants to choose from. The restaurants here in terms of cuisine and atmosphere that makes it very nice place to diversify the connoisseur. Some of the most famous restaurants in the region of Gurgaon described in this article.

• Ming China: Chinese restaurant features a fixed bar. The restaurant is located in HUB Mall in Gurgaon express highway in the region. The main Chinese and Thai courses. A free home delivery available for orders of less than Rs.500 and 2 km away. Average score above provided for both food and ambiance of the restaurant by customer reviews available.

• Sweet Europe: The restaurant serves authentic Bengali food. The restaurant is located in Gokuldham Shopping Centre in Gurgaon and is good for Bengali sweets and Namkeen known.

• Lion of the Punjab: This is one of the most famous restaurants in Gurgaon, served the North Indian and Punjabi food. The famous Dhaba Restaurant located in the satellite garden, there are two stages in the Film City Road located in Gurgaon. Free home delivery for orders of at least Rs.500 available. Home delivery service is confined to the Sai Baba Nagar, Mantra Park, Film City and Gokuldham available.

This is the famous house in Gurgaon paratha: • Jara Hat Ke. The restaurant is located in Aba road Yashodham Karmakar away in shopping malls. North Indian cuisine for the gourmet available. The price is reasonable and affordable food for ordinary people. East East Gurgaon and resulting cases, provide selected areas.

• kebab Kitchen: The restaurant is regularly described as simple and irresistible. The location of the restaurant in Gurgaon Yashodham Shopping Centre. North Indian flavor comes in a traditional way. The free service home delivery only available for orders of at least Rs.100 available. Guests tend to be higher than the average for rating taste and presentation of food and a good rating is given to the atmosphere.

• Metro: This is one of the largest fast-food restaurants in Gurgaon. Some Subway stores Subway is very famous in Gurgaon. Most of the planned Subway restaurants, various flavors of the sandwiches available.

• Little Italy: Italian restaurant offers a fine dining experience for its customers. The restaurant has two locations in Gurgaon, Mumbai. One of them is in the Palm Spring, Link Road area situations arise, and the other the Charni Road in Mumbai. The food price is quite high. Free delivery for orders home at least Rs.1000 available. Most of the Italian style of Mexico.

Justeat, India leading online service to order food. Order online for home food service and table book. It also gives information about the Chinese restaurants in Delhi, Delhi and other Delhi Restaurants China.

Yummy Kebabs Nirula

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Nirula past month have experimented with special items on the menu. While it may be a sacrilege for someone like Nirula fiddling around with their regular menu, the chain of food grown by offering special Delhi in the form of food festivals recently.
On the heels of his special Thali is a lip smacking kebab with Nirula Lucknawi Mela heating things.
With the continuous efforts to innovate Nirula The kebab-e-licious a great mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian kebabs, authentic and delicious place in India known for kebabs.
The festival gets some of the best teams in the region, including Lucknow Galouti kebab, kebab Banno Murg, Seekh Ki Lagan, Paneer Tikka Dahi ke kebab and Saunfiyana, but also a little more.
One of the best items on the menu movement Nirula Thalis has his signature and it is this whole concept is based on the special menus. All articles Makhni Dal kebabs, naan, salad and a bottle of your favorite drink to help you wash soft foods associated.
Neither the sumptuous vegetarian choice of four start at less than Rs. 190 and includes a full range of preparations to choose from. The mix of old recipes and modern makeover as "kebab-e-licious is" all about.
While traditional Chicken Tikka Murg tikka kebab Banno renewal tray covered with eggs, it tastes like lamb kebabs Galouti smoked meat and serve immediately from the hot iron.
The bags are classic Mugha tikka prepared from the curds, and cheese Seekh Ki Lagan and the other two options. Seekh Kebabs very traditional dipped in butter sauce with peppers cooked to perfection and complemented by far the best thing on the menu.
Normally, one does not need Kebabs vegetarianism but the option to choose between meat and meat products, is in India. On this occasion, even at high vegetarian selection wins, the Super kebab dish Dahi ke fine contest hands down.
Vegetarian dishes - Dahi Kebab, Paneer Tikka and Tandoori Aloo Saunfiyana Chatpat Dish - are priced between Rs. 190 and Rs. 145 (approximately).
Top things to the usual suspects, such as Hot Chocolate Fudge or one of the 21 flavors of ice cream, plus' Gajar ka Halwa "limited edition.
Nirula food is as expected excellent value for money and fair price. This is all good news menu kebab-e-licious worth a try twice, but sad that you only have 10 days time to participate in this trip have hedonist!

Top Restaurants in Denver

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Gourmet Dog Biker Jim
A gourmet hot dog restaurant probably not what most people would expect, a restaurant at the top of the list, mainly in gourmet city like Denver, but that just shows that you have Gourmet Dog Biker Jim. This assessment Five Points as the best restaurant food stand in Denver. They serve or 20 different dogs, each processed with gourmet sausage. In addition to the Hot Dogs, The Biker Jim two civilians on the menu. If a causal restaurant true to its roots. 
Biker Jim began when Jim Pittenger began selling from a cart dog on busy street corners. Normal synthesis was only the hot dogs, War CENTRE often wild boar with reindeer, elk, antelope prepared, pheasant and buffalo. The growth of the popularity of his back, it was necessary to have a permanent home. Enter the casual restaurant on Larimer Street, which still holds its gourmet street vibe. Top your dog with grilled onions and cream cheese-soaked coke, and you have experience of all biker Jim.

Pho 95
Coming into the second best restaurant in Denver on, Pho 95 on Restaurant Row, Asia has always full. This overflow stalls on South Federal Boulevard restaurant with pho fanatics sipping a bowl after steaming bowl of pho various combinations. The menu offers everything from tripe and meatballs to pho filet mignon and each order comes with a huge pile that all new props were used. The flag is behind this home-made pasta, fresh and bold, big flavors like cardamom, star anise and cloves, all contribute to slurp pho 95 worth every bite. The steak comes from the kitchen, which always seems to be the frontrunner, with customers rave about the grilled beef with spring rolls and pho served raw steak.

Vert Kitchen
Opens its doors in 2009 in Washington Park, Vert everything about real kitchen cooking with fresh and healthy ingredients. The owner and chef Noah Stephens pulls behind this sandwich shop, which influences from the ancient world and classical French techniques. Stephens is a graduate of the University of Denver and then went on to study cooking school in Paris. From the training, combined masterful craftsmanship seamlessly food Stephens Go menu, wine and culture together. Everything comes out of the kitchen is 100% organic and further more, except for the sustainable use Vert AIMS meat and dairy products. Diners described the fee as passionate with a main component, and to go so far, they say, it does not matter what you order, because every single dish on the menu are fully charged and elegant presents from the great restaurants in Denver.

Hahn & Moon Coffee Pub
The Golden Triangle Restaurant, Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub is more than just a restaurant. This is an on-site restaurant Denver embracing warm, with high-end coffee order only the highest quality espresso Reserve, a sandwich, to use only certified organic food and a bar where local musicians play during cocktails, beer, wine Signature and flow easily. Proud Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub own free wireless Internet and a plethora of retail outlets, which lose a couple of hours doing work, enjoy a coffee and fair trade is heavenly sandwich. The service is quick and attentive and the environment is comfortable and welcoming, the ideal place for a chat too much local politics or the unique talents to discuss a new band.

Top Restaurants in Fort Collins, CO

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Mugs Coffee Lounge
Holding true to the notion of laid-back eats, Mugs Coffee Lounge on South College Avenue scores the top spot on This cozy corner eatery is known for its local artist displays, fun atmosphere and plethora of goodies. McCabe Callahan opened Mugs in 2002. This is a super pro-environment location where they go out of their way to recycle any and every thing. If you are looking for the perfect place to work, they have desk chairs and huge tables but it is also a great place to read a book or chat with friends. In addition to traditional coffee shop fare, Mugs serves up smoothies, burritos, quesadillas, an extensive breakfast menu, bagels, sandwiches and grilled paninis. There even is a gluten free and vegan menu. If the weather is right, grab a table outside!

Lucky Joe's Sidewalk Saloon
Part restaurant, part pub, Lucky Joe's Sidewalk Saloon on Old Town Square is a Fort Collins location that shouldn't be missed. Lucky Joe's is a combination of Irish pub and western saloon where the food is only made with fresh ingredients and home cooked with care and pride. Joe Vader, who is a talented singer in his own right, owns this eatery and because of this Lucky Joe's has some of the best live music and open mic nights in town. If you want a quieter atmosphere, head out to the patio, which is the perfect spot to simply chill with a group. The burgers are the standouts at this Fort Collins restaurant, with the Big Mick being the winner but during a cold winter's night, the Guinness Stew definitely hits the spot.

Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine
When looking for exotic fare in a cozy location, look no further than Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine on Harvard Street. Everything that comes out of the kitchen of this family owned and operated Fort Collins restaurant is made fresh and by hand, even the injera bread. When possible, Nyala uses organic ingredients. If you are new to Ethiopian cuisine, have no worries. The staff is patient and will explain the entire menu in detail, including recommendations on spice levels. Diners love the wot, specifically the yasa wot or yebeg wot, and the beef alicha.

Lucile's Creole Cafe
On South Meldrum Street is the Cajun inspired Lucile's Creole Cafe. This eatery received four and a half out of five stars from Known as the finest Creole café in all of Colorado, Lucile's has been opened since the early 1980s and started by aiming to serve the best breakfast in town in a comfortable and unique atmosphere. They definitely achieved that and have since branched out into soups, sandwiches, salads, po'boys and entrees such as blackened salmon and crawfish etoufee, showing they've always stayed true to the Creole culture. While they serve more than just breakfast, it is this early day meal, and specifically the biscuits and gravy and the beignets that really has locals coming back again and again.

Best Latin Restaurants in New York

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New York is full of restaurants and successful Latino culture. As you can imagine it was not an easy task to put together a list of those who eat, Latino restaurants. Limit some of the guidelines. Each restaurant was nominated by a panel of local people. Restaurants were evaluated on the basis of the quality of authenticity, power and access for all, regardless of budget. After much work, it is a pleasure to introduce this amazing list. A swallowing and drinking, THAT is a great World !

Flor de Mayo
484 Amsterdam Avenue (Upper West Side)
(212) 787-3388

This is a little divey favorite of the few remaining restaurants Chino Latino in New York. The kitchen brand interest began when he fled from the Chinese who migrated to countries like Peru and conditions of Cuba in South America and arrived in New York. History aside, the restaurant Pollo a la Brasa, a Peruvian rotisserie chicken, one by one with a Latin area. Neither the delicious taste full of birds returning from a distance. Be sure to try a glass of red sangria.

El Parador Cafe
325 East 34 St # 1 (Midtown East)
(212) 679-6812

Originally opened in 1959, serves Mexican restaurant the sleeper of some of the best in contemporary Mexico is in New York. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, including hand shredded beef stew, mole pablano, paella and enchiladas or quesadillas less adventurous and enjoy strong, but tasty margaritas at El Parador.

Victor Cafe in
236 West St 52 # 1 (Midtown)
(212) 586-7714

Another oldie but goodie, Victor Cafe Cuban food served New Yorkers since 1963. This favorite of the theater district to maintain a lively atmosphere with live music, without falling into the trap of the sauce is more restaurants in the area where the food quality to sacrifice the atmosphere. Are delicious roasted pig, Old Rope, pigs fed with strong roasted orange, olive oil, garlic and herbs, and red snapper in Florida. If you drink, you can not go wrong with your mojito.

Pio Pio
Various locations, visit
(212) 665-3000

You may think it strange to two restaurants specializing in grilled chicken in the record list. However, Pio Pio submit grilled bird a little unique signature away. Lovers take their places for the cool, moist chicken is marinated in a blend of cumin, garlic and beer Vaan Peru is presented in green sauce made of hot addiction cilantro, lime and huacatay, peppermint Andean . Remember that the cocktail of pisco.

400 East 57th Street (Midtown East)
(212) 754-5999

This restaurant in Puerto Rico would almost be mistaken for a nightclub. When you first walk that probably started the fashion bar and the pulse of hip-hop before presenting the tables. But do not misunderstand, the sauce serves authentic cuisine, like much of a statement. Much of the pylon mofongo, whole red snapper with coconut fried rice, empanadas, and seafood casserole, a seafood stew, hold dinners even matter if you think too much. If you are still concerned about the volume, so the pina colada is difficult for anyone not a good time.

About the Author
Matthew is an actor and graduate of New York Falbe Guide. He began his career as a journalist and finally got the news. He now works for a company that's Central Park New York Tours.

Top Restaurants in Glendale, AZ

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Touch of European Café
The Polish restaurant on North 57th Drive, Touch of European Café, is the top rated Glendale restaurant according to This eatery was established in 2003 by chef Waldemar Okula and his wife Malgorzata, or Margaret. Waldemar manages the food, service and menu while Margaret greets the customers and keeps service top notch. The food is made with a love for polish cuisine that is evident in every bite. To prove this point, test out the goulash, loin of pork or the homemade kielbasa. Other unforgettable dishes include the bigos, or hunter stew, pierogis, smoked kielbasa sandwich, stuffed cabbage and the fresh mozzarella sandwich. Touch of European Café even serves up 'shots' of their homemade soups to help you decide if you are ready for a full bowl.

Siam Thai Cuisine
Finally Glendale has a Thai restaurant that is serving up authentic Thai fare! Siam Thai Cuisine on West Northern Avenue is tucked in a non-descript strip mall but quickly this will make your top ten list of restaurants in the entire Phoenix area. Begin the meal with the delectable papaya salad or one of the Thai soups that are sure to hit the spot: spicy basil, lemongrass, cashew nut or spicy noodle. Then make sure at least one person at your table orders the house specialty, the duck pineapple curry. It is the best dish at Siam Thai with the perfect amount of coconut, scalding pineapple chunks and well-rendered duck. Finish the meal with the coconut ice cream with stick rice, also known as a snowball with purple rain, which is a fantastic dessert that seamlessly blends hot and cold.

Pullano's Pizza
People flat out love Glendale's Pullano's Pizza. This is the top rated Glendale pizzeria according to Pullano's first opened in Phoenix by Mike and Bonnie Pullano in 1979. By 1987, they moved to their Glendale location and the rest is history. Since then, they have been serving up a vast menu of Italian goodness but it is the pizza that has customers returning again and again. This neighborhood mom and pop joint is half pool hall and bar and half sit down pizza restaurant. It serves up good food, is family run and has an atmosphere that is one of a kind. When ordering, start with the pepperoni bites or the wings and then move on to the memorable pear salad and the enormous mama's meatball sub that is oozing with cheese and sauce. The pizza is the floppy and greasy kind where toppings are sliding around but you cannot seem to get enough, especially when you get down to the crust. This is the type of place where you want to steal the crust and are surprised when anyone doesn't want to eat his or hers.

Lenny's Burger Shop
Lenny's Burger Shop is a favorite Friday night burger joint for many in Glendale. Located on North 59th Avenue, Lenny's opened in 1984 as a burger joint that served up only 10 items of burgers, fries and drinks. The concept quickly took off and Lenny's has since spread to over 20 locations. The menu at this popular Glendale restaurant has menu grown slightly over the years but it still pays attention to the details that matter: the meats are always fresh, the produce ripe and in season, the breads soft and the sauces are made by hand. It is no wonder that Lenny's often graces the top of lists that include 'Best Burger', "Best Shakes" and "Best Fries". The toppings list is impressive with everything from avocado, bacon, green chiles, mushrooms and numerous cheeses making the list. Build your own burger, get a pile of fries and order a cinnamon shake for the perfect meal. Don't forget the fry sauce!

The Hunt for the Best Buffet in Las Vegas

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Never mind the slot machines, the table games, the shows, clubs and magical lights - for many people, the highlight of a trip to Las Vegas is a dive into the city's legendary buffets.

Sin City is all about excess, and nowhere is that more apparent than the numerous buffets found in nearly all of casinos up and down the strip. From basic salad bars to exotic foreign cuisine, the buffets in Las Vegas offer something for everyone.

To help you in your culinary adventure, we're going to provide you with we feel is the best buffet in Las Vegas. It's not a scientific study, just our opinion of the tastiest dinner buffet option. Our choice is not the fanciest buffet, nor is it least expensive. It is however, an upper-end, satisfying smorgasbord of deliciousness at a reasonable price.

We believe the best buffet in town is the Buffet at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.

The home of the dancing fountains will have your taste buds dancing in delight as you dive in to the numerous buffet stations that provide everything from all-American classics, to foreign favorites you've probably have never tried. And while most buffets have seafood stations, the Bellagio seems to kick things up a notch, with some of the most delicious shrimp and crab legs you'll find. Don't forget to save room for tasty desserts! Their selection of gelato (Italian ice cream) is becoming famous.

More of a morning person? You cannot go wrong by starting your day off at the Bellagio's breakfast buffet. The weekend breakfast brunch buffet runs $25 a person, or $30 if you want the all-you-can-drink champagne option. Yes, you could find a cheaper breakfast at some greasy spoon somewhere, but if you're going to be on vacation, live it up! Besides, a visit to the brunch buffet will knock back two meals: breakfast and lunch. And you'll leave with not only a full tummy, but marvelous memories of a magnificent meal.

The runner up in our search for the best buffet in Las Vegas is the Village Buffet, which is located inside the beautiful Paris Hotel and Casino, right across the strip from the Bellagio. This buffet is not quite as expensive at the Bellagio buffet, and offers customers a charming dinning experience, in that the dinning room is designed in an older French theme.

Rounding out our list of the top buffets includes restaurants like the Carnival buffet at the Rio hotel (slightly off of the strip, but close enough), the buffet at the Wynn, and the Spice Market Buffet inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

No matter where you dine, you'll be sure to appreciate your trip to a Las Vegas buffet. After all, for most of us, it's the only place in Las Vegas where we leave with more than we started with.

Top Restaurants in Colorado Springs, CO

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Agia Sophia
Merging an eclectic coffee shop with a privately owned bookshop makes Agia Sophia the top rated eatery in Colorado Springs according to This restaurant was designed around the concept of having a place for people to go to enjoy only the best coffees and specialty teas, a café style menu and a vast book selection. This is the type of place where people lose hours discussing religion, politics and business. Spend the afternoon eating a barbeque turkey Panini or Mediterranean plate with hummus, grilled pita, roasted red peppers, dolmas and feta cheese, while losing yourself in a selection of classic books. If you are looking for somewhere quiet to escape, head upstairs and find a hidden nook. As several patrons have stated, there is absolutely nothing negative about Agia Sophia; it is simply perfection.

Carlos' Bistro
Specializing in American cuisine on South 21st Street is Carlos' Bistro, which is an elegant French restaurant that is known for its impeccable service. Diners are greeted as they enter by Carlos himself. The ambiance is warm and dark, making it the perfect location for a romantic dinner. The wait staff is well trained-attentive and fast without being suffocating or overbearing. The artfully plated dishes sent out from the kitchen are the first thing diners' notice at Carlos'. Seafood is the star, so start with the lightly breaded and perfectly tender calamari. Move on to the shrimp scampi, with its perfectly executed sauce or the fruita de mer with fettuccini pasta, calamari, shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels and roasted red peppers in a tomato sauce. Other standouts include the chicken carbonara with taglitelle pasta and a cream sauce and the filet mignon. Complete this fine dining experience with one of the best crème brulees in all of Colorado.

Bhan Thai
Hit up Bhan Thai Restaurant on Centennial Boulevard for a low key Thai restaurant that serves up homemade fare in an unassuming place. Every dish at this Colorado Springs restaurant is crafted with fresh ingredients, daily made sauces and choice meats and seafood. This restaurant has constantly been awarded a gold star by Boulder County Daily Camera. The portions are large, often enough to share or for leftovers. A few dishes that Bhan Thai's satisfied customers rave about are the Thai beef salad, drunken noodles chocked full of vegetables with a delicious meat and sauce and pad Thai with shrimp and crab wontons.

Arabica Café
Serving up unique Middle Eastern fare in the heart of Colorado Springs is Arabica Café on South Tejon Street. This healthy Colorado Springs restaurant received four and a half out of five stars from Arabica Café opened its doors in 2008 and has since won numerous awards, including best hummus in Colorado Springs and the best Middle Eastern restaurant. The focus of Arabica's menu is the shawarma sandwich, which is thinly sliced chicken or beef served in a pita. All the spices used to marinate the meats at Arabica Café are imported from the Middle East.

Big Mac ® in the Bank of calories

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If you have a Big Mac ® in the Bank of calories, how does this affect the rest of your daily caloric intake? Suppose that all the requirements, weight and age, 2000 calories per day. This is what they affect:

The total food intake Big Mac ® with a large Coke and a small ice cream calories to your bank:

Fees as% of daily requirement of calories in Food 2000

1380-2000 calories = 69%
≤ 29 g fat 65 g = 45%
Cholesterol ≤ 175 mg 300 g = 58%
≤ 1.570 mg sodium 2.400 = 65%
Fiber 11 g 25 g 44%
185 g carbohydrates, 300 g = 62%
Protein 50 g 33 g = 66%

While some foods are very healthy McDonald ® human relationships not calorie intake / calorie foods for human consumption. Some examples of these values ​​as follows:

40 calories per gram of protein intake if you are trying to lose weight, then only 10 to 15 calories per gram of protein
Carbohydrate About 6.5 calories per gram
Fiber 80 calories per gram
≤ 1 mg of sodium per calorie
About 6.5 mg of cholesterol per calorie
Fat: ≤ 31 calories per gram

The values ​​represent the total daily food intake. If you think your caloric intake as an empty bank every morning, if he can help you take only what you need for a clear vision of what your body needs to return. A Body Mass Index (BMI), a simple analysis, together with bio-impedance to the information you can about your body what it needs to know the nutrition and calories for the day. It is important to know the figures, since they vary from person to person depending on age, weight, size and activity.

A baby boomer born and the last in the world of fast-food boom in history. Back then we were thinking about how the effects of the abuse of calories in our daily diet, according to the type. Good nutrition is serious. The children of this generation is not expected to outlive their parents. This is mainly due to poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and obesity. The current government several measures to regulate the activities of our citizens and citizens. No doubt their effectiveness. The eating habits for life is changed slightly. We can all make us the right diet and exercise information on the Internet on blogs and websites in this article ....

Top Restaurants in Columbus, OH

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Kitchen Little
A combination of a meat shop and an American restaurant, Columbus' Kitchen Little in Short North received five stars from If you like southern food, then this is the place for you. Comfort food reigns supreme with macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and buttermilk fried chicken gracing the menu but it is the chicken and waffles with real maple syrup that really has diners raving. Kitchen Little goes out of their way to use only locally sourced ingredients and they keep the fare simple but perfectly put together. If you are feeling excessively indulgent, try out the duck fat fries. People claim they are worth every calorie. Another standout is the cassoulet, which is bursting with flavor but is not too heavy or greasy.

Foodie Cart
It may surprise some that a food stand on North High Street would take the second top spot on all eateries in the Columbus area according to, but Foodie Cart in downtown does just that. As some diners have claimed, this food cart 'has heart'. Diners rave about nearly everything served up but it is the crepes, such as the lemon pork belly crepe, egg n brie crepe and steak and egg crepe that have people waiting in lines to get a taste of the Foodie Cart. This adorable little cart often has lines up to 45 minutes long but that is because everything is cooked to order. Nightly, the menu at this Columbus restaurant changes but do not be discouraged, it will always be fantastic.

Kihachi Japanese Restaurant
Kihachi Japanese Restaurant in Northwest is the best place to find Asian fare in Columbus says diners on This eatery isn't your common American Japanese steakhouse or sushi spot; instead it has authentic tatami rooms and serves up small, elegant plates. To really enjoy Kihachi, come with an adventurous nature; the menu is handwritten and half in English and half in Japanese. Somewhat surprising, the main focus at Kihachi are the appetizers but do not let this distract you from the great entrees. Plan to eat in slow courses and share all the goodness with the whole table. Highlights at Kihachi include the soft shell crab, pork cheeks, duck with mustard and blue prawns with black lava sea salt.

Clever Crow Pizza
When craving a slice of pizza, Clever Crow Pizza in the University District is the go to restaurant in Columbus. Diners consistently rave that they would readily and openly eat any and everything put out from the kitchen of Clever Crow. This pizzeria opened in 2009 by husband and wife Gary Robinette and Brooke Howell. They began their love affair with food by making pizzas at home together based off of Gary's experience working at a pizza shop. This love expanded into a business and they decided to create a pizzeria that served both piping hot slices and take and bake pies. The crust at Clever Crow is a California crust but it's the ingredient list that will catch diners by surprise with everything from roasted purple potatoes and house pickled spicy red peppers to local Ezzo salami and spicy Italian sausage gracing the menu.

Archie's Pub and Eatery

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I stopped in for lunch at Archie's Pub and Eatery, which is located in East De Pere. Right where you walk in, you see a large store front window and once you get inside you notice a very large, long bar with added tables. The lighting is very dim for there are no light fixtures on the tables or above in the ceilings. Straight across the top of the bar are some flat screen TVs and situated throughout the building are many different game machines and a variety of bar insignias hanging on the walls. The most different and interesting focal point in the bar are their ceiling tiles. They display a collage of various pictures and items hanging, with no apparent theme.

There was no music playing, just the TVs tuned on to the various sport channels. The server was friendly and brought me a menu and asked me if I would like a beverage. After bringing me my soda she then told me of the specials for lunch that day. Archie's menu has a variety of pizzas, soups, salads, burgers, wraps and Panini's. I decided to try one of their specialty items called Bag of Fish and Chips for $8.95. It is described as a half-pound of lightly breaded cod fillets with fries stuffed into a brown bag that you simply rip open. No plate comes with this meal, and don't bother asking (even if you ask nice). Well, it sounded like a unique fun idea but unfortunately the description sounds better than the meal tasted.

I was brought a medium sized brown paper bag folded together on top and it was placed flat on my table. I was offered malt vinegar. There were also condiments of ketchup, mustard and extra napkins on the table. As I ripped open the bag it contained 3 to 4 pre frozen breaded deep fried fish fillets with a large amount of medium sized crinkled cut fries and 2 small plastic containers of tartar sauce. The fries towards the front of the bag were crispy and the fillets were just what a frozen fish fillet tasted like: inferior. Also be careful, for they staple the bag, I found one of the staples from the bag in my food but could not find the second one. And as I ate, the fries towards the bottom of the bag were soggy. I noticed Archie's offers dollar burgers on Tuesdays and have a huge variety of beers.

Patricia Summerfield is the resident restaurant critic for, an online dining and entertainment guide in the Green Bay area. She has over thirty years of experience in the food and retail industry having worked with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large company chains with mass production. She has a thorough working knowledge of restaurants and bars given her years of service in various capacities such as waitress, cook, hostess, bartender, and manager.

Ramos House Cafe on California

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Housed in a historic building in the oldest neighborhood in California, Ramos House Cafe is a hidden gem of culinary perfection in authentic rustic setting. The story begins Ramos House Café in 1794, as the street of Los Rios was built to support the Mission San Juan Capistrano near. The community of Los Rios began to be used, with about 40 adobe structures to house soldiers in 1881, built the Casa Ramos. Los Rios Street was originally the main street of the Spanish from Dana Point Harbor for the mission. Today, only 600 meters from the original track as well as some historic homes. Most houses are now shops, boutiques and quaint cafes.

The Ramos House board and sable side courtyard house, where customers can be served. Expansive purple provides a fresh hot summer day. Red brick road extends from the street scene, where at various levels, corrugated iron roof with metal earrings and channels protection on rainy days. Corrugated steel planters hanging over the rustic wooden walls where the old farm house look. Blankets are very sharp turn in all the seats available in the morning along with some outdoor heaters available. As if not enough authentic country atmosphere, the Ramos House Café on the other side of the railway tracks located immediately behind the San Juan Capistrano Amtrak station. Or so it stops every half hour, where Amtrak trains a few meters from the dining terrace, which have found fun and not disadvantaged. The whole experience was something to remind the world that is in southern Whistle Stop Cafe, or what Knott tried to stop, when the construction of the amusement park Knotts Berry Farm and find restaurant. It is a journey into the past.

The Ramos House offers contemporary art to influence the American Mediterranean. We liked the smoked salmon smoked salmon with herb sauce and toast points Crab hash with scrambled eggs and sour cream Remoulade. The main parts, full flavor and nice presentation. The fresco issues a perfect complement to the Salmon Lox. Crab Hash provided a good portion of shrimp, fish that will satisfy any connoisseur. Should all the characteristic signature restaurant on the other person. Ramos Coffee House, which is the Soju Bloody Mary. Adorned with fresh sprouts, pickled beans and crab claw his will Soju Bloody Mary you will return. That is a signatory to the cold hand shake, went well, back to ... we plan to test our next visit. The house itself is still operating, as it was in the years after 1800 - the owner lives wines are kept in the basement, the kitchen is where all meals are prepared and fresh herbs from the garden. They are open every day except Monday for breakfast and lunch. Saturday and Sunday brunch menu. Comfortable clothing, business casual is and is not necessary to reserve for groups of 12.

It was shown that Californians life traveling and exploring California California spent together. We can give you an idea of ​​local popular destinations, but also tell you about the darker, less visited destinations, the only locals know this state. This is not the most comprehensive list of objectives in California, but instead of a complete list of places and safe experience, you have to like it. In short, we want you to be a good time, memorable in California.

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How to Dine in NYC Without Spending a Lot

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A vacation in the Big Apple can be costly. Hotels and restaurants are comparatively more expensive, and even theater and museum tickets cost a tidy sum. So what is a New York tourist on a shoestring budget to do? For one, you can read this NYC restaurant guide and enjoy some of the culinary best the city has to offer without having to spend too much money. With a little creativity, you can make your NY vacation one of the most memorable ever, at least gastronomically speaking.

Definitely, prices of anything at Times Square are ridiculously high so better get out of there when cash is a primary concern for you. Take a short trip to the Upper East Side to a little joint called JG Melon and have one of the best burgers in the nation there. You may not find this diner in most NYC restaurant guides. For less than $15, you'll get their famous burger, fries, and bloody Mary combo. Quite a steal compared to the $18 - $20 burger and it's not even Kobe beef you can get from a Times Square food chain.

If you prefer Italian, make a detour to the East Village and look for the restaurant called Supper. Surprisingly, this dig is frequented even by big name celebrities like Martin Short, Andrea Martin, and Victor Garber. It features daily risotto specials and a great selection of wines. Supper is a small, quaint family-style diner that may find you sharing a table with other guests. This is part of the appeal, though; just don't go there during the weekend as you may be made to wait a long time before getting seated.

Brunch is something common to the busy New York locals. So why not have one while you are there? Aside from having a true NY experience, you get to save a meal as well which is good for your pocket. Brunch also means a festival of food and set menus in NY that usually offers a combo of breakfast menus with biscuits and coffee - for $10 to $18. Try one at Clinton Street Bakery for the best in country style breakfast, or Prune for a more unique fare, or Paprika where you can get green eggs (scrambled eggs served on top of grilled polenta and pesto with chopped tomatoes) for only$10.

Pizza is another delicacy NYC is famous for. There are many affordable pizza joints you can choose from such as Bravo and Two Boots. Bravo near Union square offers some of the best White Pie slices you will ever taste as well as the best Margaritas in NY. On the other hand, Two Boots in East Village features "The Byrd", a buffalo chicken and blue cheese pizza combo that can put most other pizzas from more expensive joints to shame.

Remember that when in New York, you can find anything including affordable food. Be adventurous. You do not always need a NYC restaurant guide to find some of the best yet affordable diners in the city. Sometimes you can find these family-run shops and small cafes in mom & pop stores or in drives.


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